21 Things You Don't Know About liquidfish

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Cody Blake
  1. In 2017, we worked with 161 different clients.
  2. We worked in real-time messaging, push, mobile apis, flexbox, vue, webpack, npm, xamarin, hardware acceleration on front-end transitions, hung around the SPA, CQRS, MVC, .NET Core, .NET  Framework 4.6.2, redis, queues, azure, aws, EC2, RDS, NAT Gateway, Beanstalk, Custom Platforms, Security Groups, Firewalls, text messaging, algolia, push woosh, PayPal, Stripe, horizon, laravel, ADA WCAG 2.0 A AA & AAA, Hubspot, Visual Studio, PHPStorm, git, Sequel Pro, slack, MySQL, Aurora, DNN, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, migrations, node, xdebug, mongo, utf-8, postman, paw, Creative Cloud, VirtualBox, vagrant, USAePay, Heartland, Parallels, Android, iOS, native apps, C#, PHP 7, javascript, Java, Swift, Objective-C, IIS, nginx, SQL Server, SES, wordpress, forge, bash, CORS, XSS, PCI, CSP, cloudflare and many others.
  3. Originally named Red Brick Designs LLC, I rebranded the company as liquidfish in 2010 because I absolutely love the ocean and thought it was a cool and memorable name for the company.
  4. In 2011, I hired our first employee; today, we have 21.
  5. We have a 2 beer taps, 4 pinball machines, 2 dart boards, 1 shuffleboard table, and 1 pool table in our office!
  6. At our first Addy Awards (2013), we won the "Best of Interactive" award.
  7. We work with 2 of the NBA’s finest: Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin.
  8. Collectively, our team can speak 7 different languages.
  9. Our team has 16 iPhones vs 5 Androids.
  10. We built a device lab in 2015 for cross-browser/device testing that consists of a 16 device and OS combinations.
  11. In 2017, we designed and developed 30 100% custom websites and applications.
  12. We currently host 142 websites for clients in 18 countries and 5 continents.
  13. We have an amazing saltwater aquarium.
  14. I personally took 41 roundtrip flights last year for work-related travel.
  15. We’ve taken 4 trips as an entire company to:
    - Vegas (2012)
    - Denver (2013)
    - Chicago (2015)
    - Dallas (2018)
  16. Our offices are in our original location, which we’ve expanded 5 times.
  17. We put up our first outdoor sign just 4 months ago in October of 2017.
  18. Our intra-company thermostat battles for heat/air are epic.
  19. We live by our core values:
    - Authenticity
    - Respect
    - Craftsmanship
    - Ingenuity
    - Collaboration
  20. We’ve been in OKC’s top 50 fastest growing businesses for 3 consecutive years.
  21. Our vision: A nationally recognized brand comprised of passionate designers, developers, and marketers known for setting trends by merging technology and creativity.