5 Simple tips to generate leads with your website

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Clint Parr

Is your sales department murmuring under their breath, "We don't get enough leads"? Is foot traffic into your location starting to dwindle, and now it is time to refresh the website in hopes of creating a stampede?

All too often, websites are designed and we forget to maximize their value by using them to generate leads. And in today's competitive environment the site can be a formidable weapon. Digital marketing pros are forecasting up to 71 percent of all leads will be generated by sites in 2015.

Website Leads

So where do you start? Try these basic tips to make the most of your marketing investment.

Check the analytics and see where visitors are going

If you are not familiar with analytics, these are the diagrams and data that Google and other sources can give you. They can show patterns and habits that your audience has when they are visiting your site.

If your audience is going to certain types of content, give them more of that type of content. If they are leaving after viewing certain pages, adjust the content or links to other information that satisfies their desire to interact.

Give visitors something to do

All too often, sites have static content, which does not prompt the visitor to engage with your brand. Visitors don't mind having a call-to-action, which is also commonly referred to as a CTA in advertising.

The average site visitor spends only 15 seconds with you. If there is a favorable impression or interest, go ahead and ask them to call you, leave an email address behind or check a box on a survey. Maybe offer something for free. It might just work.

Track interest

Some organizations underestimate the value of the site as interest is not tracked on a routine basis. In its simplest form, ask the customer or prospect, "How did you find us?" The results may be surprising. By getting in the habit of documenting the sources and frequency of interest, you will have a better indicator of where to spend your marketing dollars.

Spread the word

Over 74 percent of your prospects use social media on a daily basis. Having a LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other account is now a necessity - and it's one that can drastically increase your website traffic and leads.

Be sure to check how your site interacts with social media. Some designers put links to your social media via icons on the site. This is valuable, as the visitor can click on that link and then Like your Facebook page or do other interactions. It is also a good idea to have share links around some types of content, so that your visitor can share your information to their followers.

Open the kimono

The old saying that people buy from people is eternally true, but sometimes we forget this using digital marketing. If you think about it, that is what blogging is all about.

Static websites are being transformed by adding a blog. Here, visitors can get to know the personality of the company, the expertise within it and, sometimes, mutual interests, which help generate leads. In the business-to-business marketing arena, companies that blog have 67 percent more leads than those who do not. Also, those blog posts you create can be republished on your social media accounts, which is always a good idea.

About the tech translator

Clint Parr has lived in the digital communications industry for more than 20 years as a tech CEO, COO, marketer, salesman, consultant and entrepreneur. He currently is a Partner and CMO at liquidfish, a leading digital marketing and custom development company. He recognizes that technology can be overwhelmingly complicated, especially in the website and mobile applications industry, and someone needs to simplify it for decision makers.