Always in Motion

Juan Guzman

Coming from a so-called traditional advertising agency to a digital one has been quite an interesting experience for me as a creative. It has proven to be the challenge I wanted and gladly accepted back in September.  

After working as a creative director for over 15 years, concepting and scripting for TV and Radio commercials, web videos, integrated activations, and coming up for regional and national campaign concepts for brands such as State Farm, Pepsi, Sprint, AARP, Honda, Jeep both for the U.S. Hispanic and General markets I now find myself in a whole new environment which is really exciting, as it’s all about finding new ways to disrupt and enhance the way people experience websites, ads, and apps via creative design. All that with a refreshed entrepreneurial spirit.

I kind of said bye to the traditional ways of storytelling and welcomed a new realm of possibilities that the digital space provides. From creating branding and visual identities to working on a fully custom and ground-breaking app for the entertainment industry - and everything that goes in between. i.e. writing monthly blog posts, refreshing existing websites, coming up with new and custom ones, strategizing and concepting for an up-and-coming solar company, and even brainstorming new possible digital products and services for the finance, real estate, and sports industries.

At liquidfish, we’re set to become a creative think-tank rather than your regular digital agency. Granted, this transformation is not something that happens within just a couple of months, it could possibly take years. But as long as we keep ourselves “always in motion” towards that direction, the chances of turning into an incubator, and a hub for new digital ideas increase by the minute. It’s a matter of believing in it collectively and working alongside talented and passionate people. And that’s precisely what I have found here in this infinite pool. A group of skillful designers, marketers, content creators, and developers who got what it takes to take us where we aim to be. I feel very fortunate to be working with this group of young professionals, who have made it easy for me to fit in and exchange points of view - agree to disagree - and much more.    

I’m an idea-people. A creative director (So they say). I’m no designer.

Well, that is if we stick to the side of a designer that implies proficiency and knowledge of programs like Adobe XD, Marvel, Figma, InDesign, Sketch, Webflow… But if we go by the core definition of a designer, then yes… I can proudly say that I’m one. I’m in essence a problem-solver. A person who thinks and designs concepts intended to provide a solution to any sort of communication and business needs. This type of ingenuity and vision is equally applicable to campaigns being broadcasted in traditional media as it’s to digital sites and experiences.

Hence, my role as creative director here at liquidfish revolves around infusing the need of coming up with new ways to create solutions and proactive proposals for our current and potential partners. It’s not so much about being the final say, or the design lead, when it comes to UI and UX (Thankfully, we count on savvy and forward-thinking web designers who have a solid grasp and knowledge on this matter; big kudos to Izzy, Ilyas and Kayla). So, by working together with them, and our kick-ass developers, and learning from each other, we can bring to the table new ways to reimagine a business from the ground up.

From basic branding or full visual identity, to interactive experiences that not just look good but that work. After all, that's what design is all about: ensuring that creations transcend beyond being pleasant to watch, to also being relatable, people-friendly, and functional both for the people and our partners.

As a creative director, I’d like to remind everyone that we are not creating experiences for users, but for humans. For real people, not for cut-and-dry profiles coming out of sterile market research. We need to create new digital interactions taking into high consideration their emotions, our emotions, which are ever-changing and hard to measure in a spreadsheet but that are key to moving people and the sales needle in any business.

My role then is to embed those emotions into compelling web stories, and from there, push to create real immersive sites, engaging spaces, virtual ambiances - not so much 2d pages, which, to put it bluntly, are nothing but plain and boring digital brochures. For that, we must think like explorers; taking every new project as an opportunity to innovate, to try something new, not to repeat the same formula across the board. That’d lead us to stagnation.

Creativity, on the other hand, needs to be fluid. Open. It needs to be always in motion. Besides, it’s a human gift we all carry from within. It runs through our veins. We’re all capable of creating new ways and solutions that help us improve our lives and benefit everyone in the long run. I’m a true believer in that. And that’s what I have to offer to my team. The passion and the willingness to design and solve problems as they come. Provide business solutions that make people smile, engage, comment… and partners coming back to us for the next creation.    

Below, please find a glimpse of some of the work we have created so far in the past five months. I’m really proud of it, but I do want to encourage myself and the whole team to dive even deeper while shooting for the stars. It’s our duty as creators to stay away from the still comfort zone - from the ‘copy/paste” pond -and that can be achieved by always being in motion.