Cultivating Creativity

Jessica Anderson

As an organization with core values such as ingenuity and solution-oriented, a considerable amount of creativity is required of liquidfish employees. Whether it is finding innovative ways to improve SEO on a website, design a logo for a new organization, or develop a novel solution for a mobile app, liquidfish employees are asked to look beyond what’s obvious and expected.

How does a team of twenty continue to find inspiration daily? It’s apparent that for many of the liquidfish team, Maya Angelou’s quote holds.

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Keeping the creative juices flowing isn’t about writing an impressive line of code or selecting the perfect hex value for a brand. Creativity is an essential fundamental component of the liquidfish team, both professionally and personally.


Playing music can impact many senses. There is a visual, tactile, and audio element to playing music. Several liquidfish team members play instruments and sing. Our fearless leader, Cody Blake, is a musical composer. PHP Developer, Lane Wheeler, and Executive Assistant Hannah Franklin have been known to host an impromptu concert at the coffee maker now and then.

Performance Art

There is no better way to step outside the box than by becoming a completely different character. Visual and video expert and noted nice guy, Logan Walcher, can use his tall stature and athletic ability to create visually appealing and hysterically entertaining Lucha Libre wrestling events and characters.

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting can be an effective way to decompress after a stressful day. Digital Marketing Director Zena Cherian uses art as a dual effort of stress relief and creative outlet.


Director of Development, Billy Davis, creates beautiful yet functional wood furniture pieces. He even brings those pieces to the office; most days, you can find him working diligently behind the standing desk he built himself.

There is no verified formula for cultivating an environment of creativity and innovation. However, by stretching our limits outside of the office, it creates the practice and space that allows us to develop innovative solutions inside the office.