Get seen in 2017

Jonathan Davis

2016 was a monumental year for liquidfish. We hired three new members of the family, welcomed Christopher Lee to his new role as Creative Director, and improved our SEO and PPC services. Those improvements have led us to expand our digital marketing services as a whole, and we’d love the opportunity to continue proving ourselves right here in Oklahoma City and beyond. That’s why we’re offering one free month of SEO to our clients who sign on for 2017— an average savings of over $1,000.*

But first, you should know that we take on SEO a little differently at liquidfish. To start, we listen. Understanding your business — the jargon, the products, the services, your ideal customer — is our first priority. Ranking first for keyword X or Y is an excellent goal, but search results in 2017 look something like this:

Not exactly the 10-stack of results we’re accustomed to. Promoted results at the top, knowledge graph results from an article, reviews, more of the knowledge graph, and not a lot of room for us to play.

This is a reality of search engine optimization in 2017. The days of hamfisted keyword implementation and eyeballing search terms are gone, for the most part. A more comprehensive, full-service campaign with this new results page in mind is our new normal.

Not to say that foundational tactics are a waste of time. After wrapping up the initial kick-off, we perform extensive keyword research, identifying the highest performing organic keywords for your industry and market. We still implement those findings on websites; however, that’s now just the beginning of what liquidfish does.

We also work on aggressively enhancing visibility through other avenues. Our monthly activities vary based on the needs of the website and industry, including but not limited to blogging, link building and outreach, content development, and testing for conversion rate optimization. We create custom reports that focus on the KPI’s you deem most important because you would know better than we ever could.

There’s another aspect of search engine optimization that most people never see or think about. Following the initial optimization of the website, we conduct extensive technical audits of the brand on and off the website, including monitoring and optimization of site speed, website architecture, inbound link monitoring, and more.

SEO campaigns also typically include conversion rate optimization after the conclusion of the technical SEO audit, wherein A/B and multivariate tests are conducted in order to find the most effective way to convert users into customers. These tests can range from simply tweaking the color of buttons to altering the verbiage present in calls to action. Even a minor change could result in huge improvements in conversion rate, and often does.

Below is a graphic detailing our three SEO packages and the specific services included in each; however, all websites present unique challenges, so we encourage à la carte services as well.

These are just a part of the suite of services liquidfish provides to its clients, and we’d be delighted to tell you more. Contact Jonathan Davis at or click the link below to sign up for a free website audit.

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Here’s to another great year!

*offer expires January 31, 2017