How to try to communicate effectively

Katylee Moehlenbrock

Communication is an essential part of life. If someone says they never struggle with it, don’t believe them. We all struggle with effectively communicating because we are all human. Over the years, I have tried to perfect my communication skills as best as I can, but it is a learning process that I struggle with at times.

We learn best from our mistakes and from the knowledge and experiences of others. So to help you progress in your communication journey, I want to share a few things I have learned as well as some tips to help you.

Active listening and listening are two different things.

TIP: You can listen, but not always learn from someone. The best way to combat not actively listening is to block out all the other chatter in your life. Turn off your cell phone. Close your laptop. Focus your full attention on the person talking to you.

Your memory will fail you.

TIP: If you need to remember information, take a notebook or computer with you and take notes. Reading back through notes will help trigger memories and make sure you have all the information you need.  

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

TIP: Surround yourself with people smarter and wiser than you and don’t be afraid to ask them for help. This will not only help you grow as a student but will also help them grow as a teacher.

Be sure to clarify.

TIP: Although we all have good intentions, our words can get jumbled and we are saying might not make sense or be communicated in the way we’d like. If you are on the receiving end of this, don’t hesitate to ask a follow-up question to clarify! The person will appreciate you listening, but will appreciate that you want to make sure you get the information right even more.

As liquidfish’s Account Executive, effective communication is key to my day-to-day operations, with continuous internal (agency) and external (client) communications throughout each day. I am by no means perfect, but I always try to learn from my mistakes and grow personally and professionally with every new experience.