I want you to want me

Christina Lindsey

Building on Christopher's post, I would like to take this opportunity to express the importance of unique content to current and potential clients. Having an understanding of what makes your company “tick” is crucial to a successful campaign in every aspect of what we do, including copy, design, development, social, and SEO. During the initial “discovery” phase, our team explains how important it is to represent yourself in the fullest, most unique context. For me, as a copywriter, this pertains specifically to content.

No matter how involved I am in the compilation of your website content—whether I’m proofing existing content or writing everything from scratch—it is vital that the content you choose to represent your company is unique, detailed, and descriptive. The main purpose of a new website or rebranding is to present your company in a light that distinguishes it from your competitors. Although you may offer similar services, the best, most effective way to be successful is to highlight what makes your company different. Why, amongst others in the same industry, would a customer or client choose you? Is it your impressive portfolio? Is it your quirky team? Is it your innovative process? Is it your decades-long history? Whatever the answer, it needs to be placed front and center within your marketing streams.

The content, from the big headlines on the homepage to the paragraphs of body copy on the other pages, needs to make your company shine by highlighting the most unique and interesting aspects of your business. Unique copy also helps you from an SEO standpoint, improving your search rankings and getting your website—your company—seen by more people. So, instead of saying “We are ___ and we do ____,” say instead, “We are ____ and we do things differently. Here’s how.”

An example of a well-executed, content-driven website is Coury Hospitality. With little to no existing content to pull from, the copywriting process for this client was long and involved, but well worth it. Each word of the website copy is unique and specific, allowing the company, its work, and its team members to shine and act as a major selling point to potential clients. What’s most important is that the character of Coury Hospitality—its personality and nature—is captured within the language on the website. The voice, words, and mode of expression illustrate the very essence of what they do in a smart, sophisticated, and impactful way—words that can be used to describe the boutique hotels within their collection.

Treat your content as a pitch to potential clients. Think about what would make someone want to choose you, given other companies within the same industry with comparable prices, and put those reasons in the spotlight. Follow this with full, detailed descriptions of specific services you offer in order to help your audience understand why they need you.

What you offer is why your clients need you, what makes you different is why they want you. Lucky for them, they can have both what they want and want they need by working with you, all you have to do is to say it.