liquidfish launches showcase website

Clint Parr

Digital marketing and custom development company announces the launch of its showcase website,

The new site is the digital destination for information and answers on best practices in the digital marketing ecosystem, including e-commerce, design, development, search, social, mobile, branding and copywriting.

Liquidfish Website
Original homepage screenshot

Clients, prospects and partners will benefit from this website in three primary areas. First, the in-depth case studies clarify needs, objectives and solutions that were reached, both in technical and nontechnical terms. Second, a new blog named The Current amplifies thought leadership, industry news, technology reviews in layman’s terms, best practices and human-interest stories from employees. Finally, the website is on the technological cutting edge by utilizing responsive programming, which smartly formats content for the best viewing experience on any browser, on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

"Our client and prospect base has the broadest needs for information imaginable, as we are in a very dynamic industry," Founder and President Cody Blake said. "Our objective is to engage them on their terms, whether they are the VP of Information Technology at a Fortune 500 company or a nontechnical entrepreneur trying to understand how to take their idea or product to market."

About Liquidfish

liquidfish is a digital marketing and custom development company that specializes in transforming companies to compete and win in the digital marketplace. As digital integrators, our clients leverage a decade of expertise in e-commerce, design, development, search, social, mobile, branding and copywriting to reach their business objectives. We currently serve more than 250 U.S. and international brands, while managing more than 45 million lines of code across a diverse set of platforms.