Never stop reinventing

Zack Walker

First impressions are one of the keys to success in business. How you present yourself speaks volumes to potential clients or partners. One of the first things that is noticed is your brand itself. I have always used the analogy that a brand is like a suit your company wears. You want your suit to look sharp, classy, and perfectly tailored so as to leave a positive memorable experience.

If your company is perceived as wearing an outdated or ill-fitting suit, it is noticed and your brand becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons. If you find that your suit no longer suits you, it’s time to get a new one.

This is when you rebrand.


Liquidfish was initiated in 2006. We started as a small, quirky web design/development shop with a logo befitting our personality. Today, we are a full service digital creative agency of 20+ employees.

Over the course of the past 10 years, our capabilities have vastly increased and our processes have been streamlined, and we needed to illustrate this growth to our clients and colleagues. We have outgrown our first suit, so we obtained a new, better-fitting, more seasoned and mature one. We rebranded.


We started the process by redefining our core concept and we arrived, simply, at "We Make Waves". We are driven and inspired to produce outstanding work that makes waves in our arena. The tide of digital representation has changed and we changed with it — we needed a new look to embody this new era.

We're making waves.
Logo comparison


As our processes have been refined and streamlined, so have the lines of our mark. The high contrast colors and bright orange remain as hints of the quirky nature that originated with our agency, while still maintaining our modernized look. We have customized our logotype with rounded elements to relate our playful nature and to maintain readability when sized down (especially on screens). All our elements have also been optimized for digital environments because, after all, that is where we live.

We urge you to take a detailed look at your brand. Does it accurately represent the essence of your company’s character? Is it readable at very small sizes? Is it interesting? If not, give us a call and we’ll help keep your brand swimming with the current.