New Fish in the Tank

Anna Kinder

Hi, I’m Anna Kinder. Pronounced like kindergarten, it’s the German word for ‘child.’ And although I am pretty young at heart, I know when to act my age. Like at work. Duh.

My Origin Story

I didn’t know I wanted to be a copywriter when I was a kid, but I did enjoy reading the backs of cereal boxes. I just didn’t realize a real human actually wrote the copy until I was an adult.

All I knew was that I loved words. I wrote children’s books about cats, and I borrowed ghastly clip art for the illustrations. I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag. I couldn’t even draw a paper bag. I still think about the time I auditioned for the art club in elementary school. One of our tasks was to draw a crumpled wad of paper. Mine was so bad, I didn’t even advance to the second round. But I yearned to create, so... writing, it was!

My Career Path

Since I didn’t know copywriting existed or have the patience to write the next great American novel, I became an English teacher. I’ve always devoured literature. I loved the minutiae of grammar. I was a decorated spelling bee champ. What could go wrong?

It turns out, a lot. After my five years of teaching aged me about twenty, I had a quarter-life crisis and jumped ship. I landed a gig developing instructional courses for the military. Yep, those dreaded “continuing education” courses with a million modules we all skip before hail mary-ing our way through the test. Somewhere out there, hordes of young soldiers are cursing my name under their breath.

Luckily, I soon stumbled upon the magic of copywriting and immediately knew it’s what I wanted to do. Cue the chorus of angels. I began freelancing, then I scored a full-time job at a local advertising agency. The rest is history!

Why I’m Here

So what piqued my interest in liquidfish? Their (now “our”) passion for innovation and shattering the mold. Our fierce desire to dream up, design and develop products that don’t even exist yet. Our relentless pursuit of the most groundbreaking ideas. liquidfish is a think tank full of curious, unconventional visionaries — and so am I. I already feel like I belong here, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

What I’ll Be Doing

As the copywriter, I’ll join forces with the rest of the design team to tell compelling stories, generate original copy concepts and flex my rippling editing muscles. I’ll write anything from blog posts and website copy to scripts and slogans. Stay tuned!

The Grand Finale

I’ll leave you with a spoonful of shameless self-promotion, AKA a few fun facts about myself. I’m a glutton for puns, dad jokes, dark humor, and true crime. I’m obsessed with Icelandic culture. I’m a proud cat lady and a slightly masochistic marathon runner. I’ve ridden a bike from coast to coast (Maine to Oregon), and someday, I’d love to hike the Appalachian Trail. As you can see, I crave a challenge, which is another reason I love copywriting. My comfort zone lies in the uncomfortable — in that frustrating, blank space between a project kickoff and the breakthrough idea. It often comes at the cost of blood, sweat and tears, but that rush I get when it finally arrives? I live for it. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and chase those creative highs at liquidfish.