Oh the places we'll go

Jennifer Kubes

At liquidfish, we’re familiar with collective animal behavior. And in true invertebrate fashion, we prefer to swim in groups. Whether it’s checking out a new lunch spot, walking around downtown, or grabbing a cold one after work, we like to do it together.

I spent several years at a larger agency before coming to liquidfish, and I found that when you work with so many people, you tend to form your own small group that you do things with. This is obviously completely normal and happens at every company across the world, but what makes liquidfish unique is that our entire agency—all twenty of us—enjoy doing these kinds of things together. That, to me, is extremely rare.

Take our company Christmas trip for example. Our President, Cody, took all of us and our significant others to Chicago for a weekend to explore the city, eat deep dish pizza, go on museum scavenger hunts—you name it. But above all, the trip’s main intention was to give all of us an opportunity to spend time together outside of the office and grow as a company. Having the bond of friendship between us already in place, we did exactly that. The company culture at liquidfish is so strong, and I’m thankful to be one of the twenty.

Now, because we are an incredibly diverse group of people who hang out together, we tend to find a wide variety of things to do in Oklahoma City. So with the weather warming up, I thought I would put together a list of things that you could find us doing over the next few months. If you see us out and about, be sure to come say hi! We’ll buy you a drink.

Bleu Garten

An outdoor food truck park is something that speaks to all of us. Why? Variety. On weekdays after work, you’ll typically find us either a) in an intense game of cornhole, b) debating over which food truck has the best dinner option, or c) watching a number of popular movies they play on a large outdoor movie screen every second Tuesday of the month at sunset.

Speaking of, here’s what their summer movie line up looks like:

  • May 10 - Bridesmaids
  • June 14 - Pineapple Express
  • July 12 - The Goonies
  • August 9 - Chef
  • September 13 - Royal Tenenbaums

Oklahoma City Thunder Games

Everyone at liquidfish is a fan of the OKC Thunder—some of us more than others—but nonetheless, we love and support our team. And now that we’re officially in the midst of the NBA Playoffs (and about to beat the San Antonio Spurs), Thunder games are right up our alley. Being footsteps from the arena makes it easy for us to walk over to games, but we also don’t mind watching them together in our game room while playing pool and cornhole.

Mode and Rosegold - Fashion Boutiques

There may only be six girls in the office, but that doesn’t stop us from checking out new boutiques opening around the city. After all, the boys at liquidfish have their “video game night” once a month, so we need something too!

Mode Boutique opened on April 23rd and is a one-stop shop for trendy women’s clothing, accessories, and gifts in Midtown. It’s on our list to check out this week!
Rosegold is another exciting boutique opening April 30th located off of Western Avenue. The boutique will offer a curated collection of established brands and emerging designers with an overall laidback aesthetic, which totally fits our vibe.

Knucks Wheelhouse

Most of us here will admit that a portion of our paychecks end up at Knucks. If you’ve had Knucks, no explanation is needed. If you haven’t, what are you doing with your life? Whether we’re walking over to the canal to dine in person or having it delivered to our office, we are definitely obsessed with this pizza. My current favorite is the “Homeslice,” which is garnished with truffle fries. This is my version of heaven.


Another lunch obsession of ours is Pho. You’ll find us frequently stuffing our faces with noodles and broth every Monday and Friday (Yes, we have a schedule). Our favorite spots: VII Asian Bistro and Pho Cuong, both located in the Asian District on Classen Boulevard.

The Escape

This is definitely an adventure. Located on 23rd street, The Escape is a fun team-building experience where you essentially get trapped in a room and have to work together to get out in less than one hour. Not to brag, but we got out in 14 minutes so we’re itching to get back and beat our time!


Another spot we love to hit up: the newly opened Brickopolis. With laser tag, mini golf, arcade games, and a buffet with a full bar, It’s essentially a playground for big kids. It’s just so convenient that it’s located right along the Bricktown canal one block away from our office…

So there you have it. A random (but good, nonetheless) list of things we fish love to go out and do.