Pull your development up by bootstrap's charisma template

Kye Rabon

We build a lot of administrative interfaces for things like content management, order tracking and customer portals. These are areas of applications that are typically not accessible to the public, and the users must log in to access them. As developers, sometimes we don't have graphic or Web designs for things like this. We try to build the user interface in a way that is the most intuitive, but it still has to look nice.

A few of us here like to use Bootstrap, which is a great framework for creating responsive layouts. Several months ago, I came across a Bootstrap template called Charisma. It's really awesome for quickly assembling the front-end components of an admin panel, dashboard, or content management system.

Charisma is fully responsive and comes packaged with everything you need. There are examples for a wide range of components, including charts, forms, calendars, maps, progress bars and a dashboard. It has a lot of different themes to choose from, and tons of icons.

There is some server side code included in the download as well, for things like uploading images and files. It's written in PHP; however, I was able to pull the Charisma front-end into a .NET project with ease.

This template is also great to use for coming up with ideas. There are plenty of examples showing how to present certain kinds of data, and different widgets that help spark ideas for new features. The best part is it's free for private and commercial use. The developer, Muhammad Usman, only asks you share the project on Twitter.

Check out Charisma here.