Social media and what it can do for you

Amanda Gary

I love telling people about my job. I always get the same response: “huh?”

Though Twitter has been around since 2006 and Facebook since 2004, my job is still relatively new. My dad and his friends think my job is the weirdest thing they’ve ever heard of… until I tell them how it can help their business.

Twitter has 310 million active users with 1 billion unique visits to sites with embedded tweets every month. In 2015, Facebook had over 10.1 billion visitors a day – a day! With those statistics alone, think how many people your business could be reaching. Those statistics speak for themselves; your business should have a social media presence.

Having a social media presence may not sell out your event, but it definitely brings your business to the top of people’s minds. I never run out of things to do during the week, know why? Because I’m constantly on Twitter and Facebook, I’m constantly seeing businesses and friends promote their latest and greatest event. Let’s say your business has been promoting its Sumo Wrestling competition on July 17 for several weeks. Now, when people are trying to make plans for that night, your event comes to their mind. They may not go (don’t get me wrong, I’m not working with a superpower here), but seeing your business linked with this event puts you in their mind. And at your next event, those same people will probably show up. You’re keeping your business fresh and discoverable.

Having a social media presence gets your name out there. If you work through an agency like liquidfish, we do more than post for you. We’re actually interacting and networking online on behalf of your business. We’re getting involved in trending topics, commenting on other business updates, and liking posts from around the community. One of our clients had a magazine write-up about them simply because of a connection made on Twitter. liquidfish keeps our clients active in the social media community, both locally and even nationally.

Your social media presence creates a relationship with potential consumers. Have you ever heard of people making friends through their Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook (you get the picture) profiles? It’s the same with your business. We’re talking, liking, commenting and creating a dialogue show the public there are cool people behind your business.

Social media is more than a quick post, it’s a lifestyle for your business and a voice beyond your storefront.