The best storytelling ads of 2015

Melissa Cowan

As a writer, I'm a sucker for good storytelling. Storytelling humanizes our industry. Storytelling truly moves people and builds relationships, not just sales. Strong relationships create brand loyalists — your believers for life, who will consistently support your brand and sing your praises to their friends. Indeed, storytelling is a powerful tool.

Here are three of the best stories from brands in 2015.

The story of Sarah & Juan

Who knew a commercial advertising gum could stir so many feelings? Extra Gum did it again with this one. (You might remember "Origami" from a couple of years ago.) This just goes to show you: No matter what industry you're in, you can connect to your customers on an emotional level — with a little creativity.

Covering is caring

"Each and every one of us has a natural, human instinct to cover. Covering is caring, because covering heals five days faster." These two short lines alone express Band-Aid's entire brand essence. Aside from the writing, what makes this commercial so brilliant is Band-Aid gave their product real meaning. They went beyond its practical use and uncovered (pun intended) what it symbolizes.

Change one thing

Dove continually does what most brands can't do: They unite their customers with each other and their brand so deeply and genuinely, we all forget Dove is selling a product. As a consumer, I love their message. As an ad professional, I love that they stick to it in every piece of their marketing.