The evolution of process

Katylee Moehlenbrock

I’ve been at liquidfish for over three years now, and a lot has changed within the company, including our process for approaching projects. When I first started, a process was in place, but I noticed an immediate need to document and formalize it.

I am a visual learner, so developing something tangible that we would be able to reference when needed was important. The process would inherently include aspects from each department, so we worked as team to put together a four-step process: Discovery, Content, Design and Development. It was a great first step toward a streamlined process and served us well for a while.

After about a year, we recognized that we needed to expand on our process to help alleviate issues and further support our clients. So at that time, it went from a four-step process to a six-step process. We added in time for Site Mapping and Quality Assurance/Testing: two areas I can’t imagine doing a project without.

Fast forward two more years and we have now developed our process even further to include eight steps. Yes, I know eight may seem like a lot, but it has allowed liquidfish to excel in our craft in many ways. We are paying attention to the small details and creating internal and external flow of communication better than we ever have before. When we all adhere to the process, we can keep each other accountable every step of the way, which in turn gives our clients a better end-product.

Of course there are situations that arise and things that have to change, but when they do, liquidfish is able to be nimble and flexible, paying attention to the client’s needs while still using our streamlined process as a guide to help us stay on track. We not only want to customize your website and digital marketing needs, we also want your entire experience with us to be custom and unique.

For those who want to learn about or review our process in depth, please feel free to call or email us. We will be happy to share our experiences and how we approach our work. We can’t wait to hear from you.