The fruits of our labor: Our latest website launches

Cody Blake

We've been busy fish! Creating websites with modern designs, responsive development, and improved functionality is a large part of what we do. It's incredibly rewarding to see how happy our clients are when they see the designs of their new website for the first time. Our developers do an excellent job of ensuring all of the features, functionality, and interactions the client wants are built into the site as its being developed. The final product is so well-executed, and the most gratifying part of it all is knowing that each member of our team went above and beyond to make it happen! Here's a look at a few of our most recent website launches over the past three months.


Take a look at the most recent responsive website we designed and developed for Taber Brokerage. Their new ‪responsive‬ website is a clean and straightforward experience across all devices. The new homepage provides a better visual hierarchy that focuses on their four primary sections of content: Get a Quote, Forms, AML Training, and Errors & Omissions. The grid containing four photos gives equal emphasis to these sections and helps guide the user to their desired page. We also designed the website using elements and colors from their logo, which results in a clean, professional website that reinforces their brand.


In late June, we launched the new and improved Finley & Cook, PLLC website. Our team redesigned and built the new responsive website from the ground up. Responsive websites are always better for SEO, yielding higher results on search engines. They also ensure the site will look great for everyone no matter which device — phone, tablet, or desktop — they're using. The client's favorite functions are the job openings on the Careers page and the résumé submission process.


The previous AIC Title website was non-responsive, dated, and functioned using Flash, which prohibited it from being viewed on mobile devices. Although the style of the previous site was unique, it did not truly represent who AIC is today. liquidfish designed and built the new website from the ground up to be fully responsive and features full-screen video and rich photography. The interactive navigation grid has a full-screen video in the background that engages the user visually and maintains their attention. The new design uses typography and styles that provide a professional feel and reinforces the AIC brand.