The newest fish in the tank

Kristin Alsup

First impressions are almost impossible to replace, therefore the idea of creating this blog post introduction filled me with more nervous energy than interviewing for this job did. It’s important to me that my passion and competence shine through and my new coworkers, clients, and partners feel comfortable reaching out to me for collaboration and assistance.

So, what’s the good news? The level of my excitement about being the newest fish in the tank here at liquidfish is through the roof, which means I’m here for the challenge. So, here goes.

Hi! My name is Kristin Alsup and I’m a digital marketing fanatic with more than eight years of professional experience under my belt. My first day as the content marketing strategist was November 11, and I’ve been swimming around my new tank with gusto ever since.

What does the content marketing strategist do?

What a great question! Since my first day as part of the team, I’ve helped with a video production shoot or two, snapped still photos on location, collaborated to create content calendars, and studied existing digital strategies. I’ve analyzed hashtags, brainstormed holiday campaigns, and snagged $1 hot dogs with the team at Sonic.

However, this list doesn’t even begin to describe all the incredible opportunities I’m looking forward to in this role. My focus each day will be to collaborate with our team of developers, project managers, digital marketers, and other strategists to develop digital content across all the different platforms.

I’ll work with each of our clients and partners to create a custom content strategy that keeps overall campaign goals in mind while managing to stay within the agreed-upon project scope. I’m here to make sure deliverables arrive on time and to help liquidfish get better and better every day.

In fact, since this position is as new to liquidfish as it is to me, the role is evolving each day and we’re excited to see how it all turns out...

Where else have I been?

Another great question! For the last three years, I’ve worked here in Oklahoma City as a content marketing specialist or inbound marketing specialist (depending on who you ask), at an all-digital marketing agency.

During that time I worked alongside teammates whose specialties ranged from programmatic display to search engine optimization and together we created custom strategies for our clients from across the country (and around the globe in a couple of instances). No matter which industry their businesses represented, our strategies were based on customized solutions based on goals and target audiences.

Before I joined agency life, I was a one-person, in-house marketing and communications department for an agricultural organization that represented farmers from across the state. With help from agencies, contractors, and volunteers, I was able to promote the food our farmers raised, teach people about what modern-day farming looks like, and engage in larger conversations with all kinds of communities about responsible farming and our food system.

If there seems to be a big leap from one of those jobs to the other, it makes sense when you look at my educational path. I grew up with one foot in the city and one foot in the country, raising pure-bred show pigs, and traveling the country for livestock shows. I’ve always loved being in a barn with animals and that’s where my collegiate path was born.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University (go Pokes) with a degree in agricultural communications and a minor in agricultural economics. Before that, I started my college career at Eastern Oklahoma State College, not sure what I wanted to do but knowing I loved variety and making a difference.

Who am I, really?

Does anyone have a fully-formed answer to this question about themselves? I hope someone does, but I’m not sure that it’s me. I’m growing everyday and learning more about who I want to be both as a professional and with my family and friends.

Some things I do know is that I’m meticulously organized, passionate about creative endeavors, and dedicated to pushing the envelope whenever I can. I’m devoted to this team and excited about the opportunities coming my way. I am a football fan, delight in drinking loose-leaf teas, and Batman is one of my two heroes (my daddy is the other one).

I’m the newest fish in the tank here at liquidfish and I can’t wait to meet you.