The thank tank 2017

Wendy Johson

As a mom, I try to teach my kids to be grateful all year. Each day we chat about something they’re thankful for and their responses often take me by surprise. I’ve heard things like, “my toes!”, “my comfortable pillow”, and my favorite: “that we live on Earth because if we lived on Jupiter we’d die”.

Since I’m the only mom at liquidfish, I wanted to ask our team the same question. It’s clear from their responses that 2017 has been a great year!

This year, liquidfish received several awards and experienced a lot of exciting events.

3 Gold ADDY Awards
4 Silver ADDY Awards
2 Bronze ADDY Awards

liquidfish was named a Metro 50 award winner for the 3rd year in a row. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Eight employees joined our team:
Chris T.

Two fish celebrated their weddings:
Maddy married Josh Morgan
Amanda married Joe Muenzer

Two fish got engaged:
Moriah to Hayden
Chris T. to Sam

Two fish became parents:
Chris T. became a dad to baby Daxton
Christopher L. became a dad to baby Ava

And, we (FINALLY!) made our mark on Bricktown with our new exterior sign!

Without further ado, here’s what members of our team are thankful for this year:

Katylee (Account Executive) -
I am thankful for my loving family, my sweet husband, my adorable dog Penny, and fun, loving coworkers who push me to be better each day!

Christina (Copywriter) -
I'm thankful for my beautiful Lady Fish friends, dance parties, sangria, yoga, and traveling the world with my amazing husband.

Chris T (Developer) -
This year I'm thankful for my son, his mother, our engagement, our families and friends, this great job, and streaming videos services because I would not be able to watch TV of my choosing otherwise, not with my busy life.

Maddy (Project Coordinator) -
I'm thankful for my new husband and easier last name, my supportive family and friends, my dog Indy, and all the different ways you can eat potatoes.

Jonathan (SEO) -
air conditioning
caffeinated tea
the miracle of flight
Goro Ramen & Izakaya
robot vacuums
the cold seasons
headphones that go loud
hot sauce
clean sheets
crab meat with or without Old Bay seasoning
Old Bay seasoning
that good-good
NVIDIA products
I don't have friends, I got family

Erin (Executive Assistant) -
I'm thankful for OKC for being an amazing home to me these past 11 months (and for my boyfriend and his family who made it easy for me to call home since the day I arrived). For Snapchat and FaceTime for letting me feel like I'm in the same room as all my family and friends who are spread out all over the country. For working at a place where the hold music is EDM, bean bags are a normal seating option for meetings, and at any time you can find people attempting yoga poses on the floor, playing pinball, or just chatting. Oh, and working. Last but not least, I am thankful for the two fish that have survived in the fish tank next to my desk (RIP Dory and Marlin)

Cody (President) -
My children, friendships, the ability to discern if those friendships are genuine, music, football, basketball, that baseball season is over, cheeseburgers, scotch, parents, brother, good health, good wine, a good team, good clients, Jesus, airplanes, love, guitars, drums, calendars, live television, and exotic animals.

Amanda (Social Media) -
This year, a lot happened. The Astros won the World Series! (go home team, that’s my home team!) and I got married! Honestly, I’m all out of sap because the wedding has wiped me out. But I am extremely thankful for this life God has blessed me with. I’m healthy, my family is healthy, I have a home that’s full of love, and a husband who is God’s greatest gift to me. I’m blessed.

Moriah (Social Media) -
I'm thankful for this new gig and my financé and holiday trips home to visit all my family! I’m also very thankful for Braum’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Grant (Developer) -
I’m thankful for all the serial killer and alien documentaries on Netflix.

Wendy (Social Media) -
Jesus, coffee, my husband and children, family and friends, ice cream, Saturdays, Spanx, freedom, cheeseburgers, electricity, and corrective lenses.

Christopher L (Designer) -
I am thankful for my family, health, and job.

Andrii (Developer) -
Thanks to my parents, who believe in me, and gave me a big support when I first left Ukraine.
This year I want to say thanks to China, the country where I spent 20% of my life, got my degree and found my wife!
I am thankful to my wife and her parents for supporting me for my Green Card and starting life in the US.
Thankful to liquidfish for letting me on board so fast, and every employee here who are very friendly to me.
I want to say thanks to Liberty Tax for free teaching of US tax system.
Thankful to my wife for correcting my English mistakes, also taking care of my parents while they visited us in China.

Robbie (Designer) -  
I am thankful for my amazing wife and my son.

Mikhael (Developer) -
I am thankful for my family, who raise my spirits and remind me that it's okay to just be yourself.

Billy (Developer) -
I'm thankful for my wife for putting up with me always thinking about work and making me a better person, my awesome daughter who is more than I could have every asked for, my family, my co-workers, Sobe, Quake, vision, hearing and most importantly the Bible and creator of the universe.

Happy Thanksgiving!