Title: ($Dogs > $Humans) ? True : "Wrong";

Grant Vinson

Did you know spending quality time with your dog can help with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and other "down-and-out" feelings? They can also increase exercise and cardiovascular health when you play with them. The one thing that separates dogs from our other pets is the love they can give back to us.

Dogs learn how to be more human just how we learn to be more dog. If you have the joy of a cuddly pup in your life, you'll know what I'm talking about. We learn what the ticks and movements mean just how they learn our tone of voice, facial expressions and commands. With this type of communication, a bond between man and canine is unlike any other.

Studies have found that people with a canine companion tend to have lower stress, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even our average of doctor visits (by about 30%). All of this just from laying around with your best friend next to you. The benefits are extremely obvious for those living with some sort of disability or ailment. The training and skill set these pets have is truly remarkable. I know a few of my friends wouldn't have the same quality of life if it wasn't for their service pet.

With a strong animal bond, you can escape the realities and annoyances of humanity. I know my Rosie specifically likes watching soccer and listening to music. I know when she needs outside, is excited, anxious, hungry, sleepy, happy, scared, lonely...all of them. ROSIE LIVES!