Using flow charts

Billy Davis

Next time you work on a process or an intricate solution, try using a flowchart. There are lots of different and more elaborate ways to do workflows, but you can really get a lot done with some simple boxes and arrows.

Before doing all the grunt work and pushing yourself into a corner, it can really help to define a process through a chart.

The easiest way to get started is to use a whiteboard, marker, and some sticky notes.

If you are going to be solving more intricate processes, use omnigraffle if you do not want to go and manually write every sticky note by hand.

Flowcharts will help you understand the flow of things, but if you really need to define some complex structures or events, you can dive into UML.

Having a working chart makes it easier to discuss edge cases and different scenarios with your colleagues. These charts can greatly help you map out problems you are facing while bringing potential issues to light.