A'ja Wilson

WNBA superstar. Storyteller. Role model. Philanthropist.

Case study
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The Gist

A’ja Wilson’s optimistic, ambitious spirit is contagious. She needed a space that captures her bright and magnetic energy — one that invites guests to get lost in her story and engage with her cause. When your dreams are as big and fierce as A’ja’s, they demand visuals that are just as powerful.

The Goals

  • Dream up compelling ways to tell her origin story
  • Flaunt her impressive accolades and accomplishments
  • Highlight her foundation and its far-reaching impact

The Journey

We put our heads together and:

  • Engineered a unique pedestal for rotating Aja 360˚for a stop-motion photoshoot
  • Built and executed hundreds of lines of scripting and batch processing to smart-isolate, align, and polish photography for the homepage’s animation sequence
  • Created a hype video with footage from our Las Vegas shoot and additional visuals
  • Designed the site navigation, background elements, load animation, and menu to reflect the curvatures of A’ja’s logo
  • Designed and built responsive layout adaptations for section content and imagery
  • Activated a social media post countdown for site launch promotion

The Destination

Voila! A colorful, energizing site was born that, like us, is “always in motion.” Its fused rotation sequences showcase A'ja in an eclectic mix of outfits, flaunting both her down-to-earth and down-to-business sides. As you navigate through the site, these sequences come to life, inviting guests to interact and stay a while.