A beloved arts festival turned engaging web series

Case study
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The Gist

After the annual Green Box Arts Festival was cancelled, Artdesk magazine needed to adapt ASAP. The solution? Happy hour, a web series that puts the ‘art’ in ‘martini’, connecting local artists over cocktails (and giving a couple of adorable pugs the platform they deserve). We’ll cheers to that!

The Goals

  • Deploy a small (but sharp!) team of six to help kick-start artdesk’s inaugural broadcast initiative
  • Spotlight the 2020 Green Mountain Festival and featur artists in a safe but unique and engaging way
  • Seamlessly weave together interviews, performances, and B-roll footage from multiple locations to create a limited edition series

The Journey

Our team quickly mobilized and:

  • Built a series template based on the existing layout for episode 1 then applied it to future episodes
  • Conducted interviews with talent in multiple locations and out of sequence, splicing them together cohesively
  • Shot both indoor and outdoor scenes, at the mercy of the temperamental Colorado elements
  • Planned, filmed, produced, and released a full web series in a matter of weeks

The Destination

Although a mid-pandemic film project required imagination, adaptability, and malleability, the rewards were tremendous. Plus, we got a chance to flex our production prowess, resulting in the launch of happy hour (and ending up with an even happier client).