Blake Griffin

NBA Superstar. Mentor. Philanthropist. Media personality. Investor.

Case study
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The Gist

Blake Griffin is the epitome of multifaceted. He’s an accomplished athlete, but he’s so much more. We knew we were right for the job when he told us, “I want something that’s never been done before.” that’s the type of phrase that thrills us to the gills.

The Goals

  • Reimagine the potential of a pro athlete’s website: immersive, interactive, and aspirational
  • Design content that’s not only entertaining and eye-catching, but meaningful and memorable
  • Weave in unique UI/UX elements that inspire visitors to engage and interact with the material
  • Devise a waterproof social media strategy that built anticipation for the site’s launch

The Journey

In true think tank fashion, we:

  • Brainstormed the concept, sitemap, and content
  • Designed and art-directed sets for the five distinctive (but cohesive) sections
  • Planned and produced a photoshoot in Los Angeles
  • Created a usable, lightweight, and dynamic page-loading JavaScript engine
  • Promoted a series of social graphics to tease the site’s launch

The Destination

We launched five immersive sites (in one) that highlight Blake’s unique persona. Each section houses a series of subpages that rely on photography more than type, and a “move with you” element that parallaxes using mouse and mobile gyroscope movement, facilitating user interaction like never before.