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Case study

The Gist

Navigating day to day tasks via smart phones and technology is undoubtedly a part of today’s forward-thinking society. To stay afloat with the times, our expert team of innovators joined forces to create Braums’ first app—one that would help customers purchase products quickly and hassle-free for a smooth and easy pickup. And since brand consistency is key, we strategically created a website that coincides with the app, offering a space for users to browse through produce, favorite their sweet treats, and so much more.

The Goals

  • Create a cohesive visual system
  • Create user-friendly navigation for the app and website, allowing customers to easily purchase products online  
  • Ensure consistency between the app and website, allowing users to utilize each outlet similarly
  • Ability to quickly process online orders to be picked up within 15 minutes
  • Integrate with a third party POS and improve its performance
  • Develop a notification system
  • Create flexible and powerful real-time search among all products

The Journey

  • Conducted a kickoff meeting with Braum's where we learned more about the Braum's market, discussed their goals, and set clear objectives
  • Researched Braum's user flows and how to properly optimize a user-friendly app and website
  • Structured the app and website with simple, reachable steps
  • Created visuals, illustrations, and concepts for the app and website while keeping the Braum's market in mind

The Destination

Once the app and website made its way into the digital world, customers grew hungry for more. About 45,000 Braum's app accounts were created within just three months, creating a fresh identity that reflects the Braum's brand.