Private Jets Inc.

Private charters. Luxurious services. Impeccable attention to detail.

Case study
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The Gist

A premium travel experience begins with booking. Private Jets needed an elegant website, a polished production, and a sharp social media presence to match their level of sophistication and showcase their services.

The Goals

  • Redesign existing website with an elegant look and interactive capabilities
  • Develop the website to be responsive to various screen sizes
  • Create a custom client portal that highlights the fleet’s amenities

The Journey

Who says liquidfish can't fly? Since the sky is the limit for us, we:

  • Set up a kickoff meeting with Private Jets, where we learned about the private jet market, discussed their pain points, and set clear objectives
  • Researched their competition and devised a strategy to put them on the national map
  • Established consistent brand standards and implemented them across all media
  • Shot and produced exceptional photography/video work to flaunt the fleet in all its glory
  • Overhauled their website, SEO, and social media presence to better reach and resonate with their target audience

The Destination

Once their website took flight, Private Jets’ conversion rates, name recognition, and brand recall/awareness skyrocketed — helping their company soar to new heights.