Water is Life

A nonprofit improving access to sanitation and safe drinking water

Case study
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The Gist

A global clean-water nonprofit calls for a website that mirrors its life-giving resource: refreshingly clear, deep, and moving. Because we’re obsessed with creating an impact with far-reaching ripple effects, we were ecstatic to tackle this project.

The Goals

  • Illustrate the global reach of water is life through powerful visuals
  • Highlight the work Water is Life has accomplished in each country
  • Devise a site that streamlines the most important component of the site: the donation process

The Journey

Our school of passionate designers and developers:

  • Built a custom, interactive map to illustrate Water is Life’s worldwide impact thus far
  • Integrated video playlists to captivate and motivate visitors to donate
  • Envisioned and created a modern aesthetic to complement the Water is Life brand

The Destination

Because donations are such an integral component of Water is Life’s site, we unveiled a fresh, user-friendly, and responsive site with clear and inspiring calls to action.

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