The 5 spookiest things for a digital marketing agency

Madeline Haigh
  • Spotty Wi-Fi
    When the majority, if not all, of your day-to-day work revolves around the internet, having a spotty connection can be downright frightening. Did my email send? Am I missing comments on my Facebook post? When can I push these website changes live? A strong and steady internet connection is more reassuring than a bag of garlic in a vampire lair.
  • Website Without an SSL Certificate
    Submitting information on a non-secure website (HTTP vs. HTTPS) puts your personal information at risk. It’s almost as freaky as a heavy breather calling and asking “What’s your SSN?”. Upgrading to HTTPS gives your site security and legitimacy and makes Google trust your site!
  • The 2nd Page of Google
    Speaking of SEO rankings, the 2nd page of Google is like the haunted mansion down the abandoned road – no one goes there intentionally! On-site optimization keeps your future customers from finding themselves in a bad spot (your competitors’ websites) and elevates your site to the first page of search results.
  • Comic Sans & Papyrus
    Fonts that are overused can haunt you. People still resurrect fonts like Comic Sans and Papyrus, refusing to let them pass on to the design afterlife. As a company, we’re always looking for new and inventive ways to display your content in a fresh, visually appealing way. So if you have outdated and lifeless designs lingering around, who ya gonna call? (liquidfish!)
  • Clowns
    Because those are scary no matter what!